Disrupt! Eugene, 2nd General Assembly Agenda

Time/Place: 4 pm @ Whirled Pies Downtown, 119 W. 8th Ave.
  1. Facilitators intros. and quick rundown of agenda.
  2. Peer-Lead Teach In! Gender + Race Group on Language.
  3. Group check ins: What are some upcoming goals and/or events, current needs?
  • Tech + Media Communications Support Logic Group (TMCS)
  • Elected Representatives Focal Group
  • Immigrant + Refugee Support Group
  • O.P.E.N.: Community Defense and Care
  • Gender + Race Focal Group
  • Trainings & Education Logic Group
  • Outreach/Community Needs
  • LGBQT+ Focal Group
  • Stand Up for Education Focal Group
4.   Proposals;
  • Group Events, Actions?
  • International Women's Day
  • May Day
5.   What Do We Need To Disrupt in Eugene?
  • Popcorn style all the ideas, see if they can be incorporated into another group, approve new groups with consensus model.
6.   Group Breakout! (15-25 min depending)
7.   Group Report Back QUICK
8.   Announcements/Events

Disrupt Eugene 1st GA: Agenda

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